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Leah Mims, Owner, BA, EPS™, RESA®, COS

Creativity is in my blood!  I know that may sound silly, but from a young age I have always enjoyed anything that involved art and design.  As a child, I watched my father design and build our first home.  I learned from my mother the love of making a house a home where all were invited, and lots of memories were made.  I believe that all people deserve a luxurious home.  Luxury is what makes you happy not about how much something costs. 


I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and did several counseling jobs prior to getting married and having children.  I was fortunate to marry a handy and skilled husband who makes all my designs a reality.  For the past 16 years, our family has moved more times than we had ever planned.   As a result, we have gotten good about getting into a house and making updates, knowing that it would help it sell when the time came.  For years, I had been helping friends and family with their homes, and they encouraged me to follow my passion and start a business.  I got formal training and took certification courses in redesign, home staging, paint color, and home organization. 


I founded Tailored for you Interiors, LLC in 2017 and have loved helping hundreds of clients transform their homes.  I love that with interior design every job is different.  I have a talent of shopping a client's home for items they currently own, bringing in a few needed items, and creating new and fresh designs.  Transforming spaces into soul nurturing sanctuaries that inspires a homeowner makes my heart full! 

 I am a huge DIY (Do It Yourself) junkie and get a rush out of transforming things with my own two hands.  I love inspiring others to get creative and enjoy helping clients with their own design projects.  I pride myself on staying up to date on what the current trends are in interior design.  With that being said, I always steer my clients away from making permanent changes to their home that will quickly go out of style.  Part of my job is educating my clients on classic designs that will stand the test of time.  You can probably see when looking at my portfolio that my style is more transitional.   I love mixing vintage pieces with new modern ones. I always try and stay true to the architectural details of a home when designing spaces. In my free time, I enjoy working on my own home, painting, spending time with my family, and shopping at the local antique markets.   


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