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eDesign is the interior design of a space done completely online.  This means that we can work together even if you do not live in the same state as me.  If you live locally, eDesign is a way for you to get a great design for your room that you can DIY (Do It Yourself).

Here is what is included with eDesign:

  • Initial consultation through Zoom/FaceTime to discuss your wants, needs, budget, and to view the space if possible.   Consultations typically last 30 to 45 minutes.

  • You provide us with room measurements, and we come up with a design tailored for you.  We are happy to incorporate furniture and things you already own in the designs.  

  • We provide a detailed report with a shopping list of recommended products and links to purchase products. 

  • A floor plan of where to place furniture.

  • 3D renderings of the furniture and products in your space so you can really visualize how things will look when placed together.

  • A mood board to show all products together along with other recommendations such as paint colors if needed.

 The cost is $650 per space/room.  We collect payment through Square after the initial consultation.  This is an affordable alternative to traditional design services!  It allows you to transform your space within your timeline and when you are able to purchase items.  I have loved helping clients through eDesign.  It has especially been a blessing to work with past clients who live out of state from me.

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