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Design Services

Redesign- 6 hour project minimum

We get to know you and the spaces you wish to remodel or refresh. We gather information on how you want the space to look, feel and function along with your budget.  We take pictures and measurements.  After the initial consultation, we give recommendations on the best plan of attack to meet your goals.  Our design recommendations typically include floor plan layout options, renderings, mood boards, and links with the products we recommend. We pride ourselves on incorporating affordable and functional designs that suite your style.  Sometimes a fresh eye is all that is needed to turn your vision into reality.  We service clients on both ends of the spectrum: those that just want professional guidance on the DIY journey, and those that want a full-service turnkey dream transformation. 

Decorating services billed by the hour- 5 hour minimum

Are your spaces causing you to feel underwhelmed?  We often get calls by clients who just need help with where to hang pictures, how to style their bookcases, how to arrange their furniture and more.  We love styling and creating beautiful vignettes using the items that clients already own in a fresh new way.  We have a handyman who we partner with who is available to come with us to hang curtain rods, heavy mirrors and artwork, towel rods, bookshelves etc.  

Paint Color Consultation $199

Choosing the right interior and exterior colors to go with your homes existing features can be challenging.  We will help you choose the right colors to compliment your trim, cabinets, fireplace, counter tops, flooring, brick, roof and whatever fixed features your home may have.  Being specifically trained in color means we know the undertones of colors and what will look best in your space.  We bring our large 12" by 12" wall board samples to give an accurate reading of how colors will look in your home or office. 


Staging Consultation & Report $350

Helping you take the guess work out of preparing your home for a quick sale at top dollar.  I will tour your home and give a detailed report that will include what today's buyers are seeking.  The report will include such things as what furniture to keep in the home and what to remove.  Report may also include recommended updates that will attract more buyers such as updated paint colors, new hardware for cabinets, updated lighting, necessary repairs etc.   Most buyers today seek a home that is turn key and are willing to pay more for this.  This consultation is needed prior to actual staging of the home which involves our team coming in for a day of rearranging furniture, hanging art, creating vignettes etc.  The report of recommendations may be all that is needed to sell your home quickly.  However, if you are in a competitive market and are planning to ask top dollar than we recommend hiring us to stage your home prior to listing it on the market.       

Walk & Talk Consultation $199

This service is great for homes that have been recently updated and just need a little work to get them picture perfect for MLS photos.  While touring your home, I will give recommendations on what to remove from the home, what to repair, furniture arrangement etc.  I will also provide my must do checklist to get the home ready for MLS pictures.  This service includes a handwritten checklist after the consultation.  It does not include a full written report with upgrade recommendations and paint color recommendations like the staging consultation and report service.

Occupied Staging $150/hour with trained assistant- 5 hour minimum

This service is a must if you want to beat out the competition and really want your home to shine on MLS.  The goal of this service to provide your home with a high end feel that sells a lifestyle that buyers long for.   My assistant and I will work with your belongings by editing, rearranging, and highlighting the architectural details of your home.  Items (staging props) that help sell a lifestyle of luxury are brought into the home such as on trend lamps, pillows, artwork and other decorative items.  The props are provided free for the first 30 days.  Most of my past staged homes have sold within two weeks of being on the market.  I take my reputation seriously and take pride in my past staging jobs. 

Home Organization-Free Consultation $100/hour with two professional organizers- 5 hour minimum

We start with a free 30-minute consultation that can be done in your home or through Zoom/FaceTime.  During the consultation, we will get to know you and learn about what things in your home are working and what areas are not.  We work alongside you on sorting items into categories.  You are the one to make the decision on what to keep or discard.  We are happy to take away all non-bulky donation items.  After sorting and purging, all kept items are evaluated and space is assigned for those items.  We can use storage bins/containers you already own, or we can shop for new ones.  If we feel closet spaces or cabinets need to be altered in order to maximize the space, we will come up with designs that can be implemented.  We do have a carpenter we recommend who is licensed and insured just like ourselves.  He can help with any shelving or organizers that need to be permanently added.  Of course, as a designer, we are always thinking about the overall vision and beauty for your space.  We can rearrange furniture, hang pictures, style bookcases, or whatever is needed for the space that we are working on.  We love transforming spaces that are both beautiful and functional! 

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